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Due to our long experience and broad knowledge within packaging handling we are aware of the difficulties that can arise when integrating automation solutions. We always make sure to help you all the way – from projection to installation, comissioning and optimization. 

We offer a complete series of services regarding the delivered products. For example we offer functional description, progamming, electric construction, electric installation and comissioning of the whole system. 


We manufacture and assemble all of our solutions by our self according to rigorous processes. Thereafter we measure and control strength, quality and function before we deliver a product to the customer. 

Today there are machines that are still producing and running perfectly since the first automation line was comissioned. That means that if you operate and handle one of our machine lines correctly it has a lifespan of at least 15 years. 

We always give you a warranty after comissioning of a solution. The only condition is that you follow the right procedures according to the service interval. When buying an automation solution from us the customer is always given education and instructions regarding the purchased solution. This includes instructions regarding comissioning and service intervals for maintenance, to make sure the customer in an easy way can handle this on its own.

Our machine line(s) pays off itself in a very short period of time due to the rationalisation of the packaging system. This means that our packaging handling system will help you lowering your costs of packaging handling. 


With correct maintenance and service you will make sure that the precision and function of the machine is maintained during a long time. This will make sure your can use it during many years. 

Of course we offer service agreements for you which will enable you to focus only on your core business – leaving the service of your machines to us. With a service agreement we will handle maintenance, service and reparation of the machine for you. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our service agreements. 

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