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Roller conveyors for heavy load

ESU Conveyor pallet track can be delivered unpowered, horizontal or gravity (inclined). It is also possible to get brake rollers, pallet separation and other technical equipment of a similar nature. We also meet other specific needs. For example, that the roller conveyor is delivered with guide plates on the rollers or that it is provided with friction rollers.

Below you can read more about our roller conveyors. You can also download our product sheet or watch video material we have collected on our YouTube channel.

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ESU Conveyor

Roller Conveyor

At ESU Conveyor, we offer complete solutions for your roller conveyor. We have assisted both large and small customers with roller conveyors and always managed to improve the customer’s business.

In the video, you can see an example of what one of ESU Conveyor’s conveyors might look like.

Advantages ESU Conveyor

The ESU Roller Conveyor is first and foremost adapted to your specific needs. That you should be satisfied and get a complete solution according to the needs of your business is something we take very seriously.

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Our clients

With our commitment and experience, we have succeeded in helping large and small companies to automate their packaging management.

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